Do you have a snack? I hope so, I’m gonna try to make this short but I can’t make any guarantees 😉 As always these gifts are in no particular order, just in the way that I felt looked best in the collage. I’m like an artist when I’m creating these gift guides! haha!

Sperry Gold Cup LTT Sneaker — My husband is a sneaker head but he likes to have a few alternatives for when he needs to appear dressier. He’d love these Sperry’s. They’re sneakers so they’re comfortable but they’re a bit more polished, kicked up a notch.
Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer — My honey works with his hands and he’s getting this for Christmas. Just because a man works with his hands doesn’t mean he wants them to be chapped and rough. This is non-greasy and is perfect for guys from all professions. If they wash their hands multiple times a day this is a great gift they’ll appreciate.

Renwick Leather & Canvas anti-theft Business Backpack — Whether he’s a student or businessman or travelling this is a great gift idea. It keeps his valuable electronics like a laptop safe and secure and it’s stylish and professional looking.
Amazon Echo Dot — I think the Amazon Echo Dot is a perfect gift idea for pretty much everyone on your list. I think they’re so cool and they’re more affordable than ever! Everyone can find a use for them and practically everyone uses Amazon so it’s a win-win.
The North Face Denali E-tip Gloves — In my house gloves are like socks, one from the pair seems to go missing throughout the year. So I always find gloves to be a no-brainer gift idea. These are a warm and comfortable option that have the e-tips that make it convenient to use touchscreens.

Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Bar — Does your man use your body products? They’d never admit it but they do. This sloughs off the dead skin and leaves him with soft skin. Good for all skin types and has a subtle masculine scent.
Woodland Fog Shea Raw Organic Small Batch Shea Butter — This has a lot of benefits but I thought it would be a great gift idea for men. It can be used for many things, including being a lip balm. If the guy you’re shopping for is athletic or is out in the cold elements this is something he can really use.

Ralph Lauren Polo Variety 4 Piece Mini Gift Set — Cologne is always a great gift idea but if you’re not sure what cologne they prefer I think getting a variety gift set is perfect. DH loves Polo Cologne and it’s thanks to me. He didn’t used to wear cologne until I bought it for him and now he wears it daily. I put him on to Polo and he’s had each of these scents. Other brands like Calvin Klein for example have these mini gift sets and it’s perfect for the man, or young man who you don’t know exactly what cologne they prefer. They’ll at least like one out of the four.
Nike Air Huarache’s — Last year I caught some Jordan’s on a great deal thanks to my paying attention to my emails from Foot Locker. I’m a part of their VIP program and I get lots of great emails from them. Let me tell you DH loved those sneakers. Still does. So they don’t have to be these Huarache’s but they need to be whatever he’s into. Now I’ll be honest… I’m a plain Jane when it comes to my taste in sneakers so that hinders me from getting him shoes that I wouldn’t gravitate towards naturally. Does that make sense? I’m the same way with buying him fitted hats. So I pay attention whether we’re out at the mall and he stops in the store and starts looking at hats, I may ask him which of them does he like or if he offers that info up without my asking, I snap away on my phone. Then when it’s time to think about gifts I have a direction to go in.
Carolina Panther’s Men’s Hands High Switch Hitter Long Sleeve Shirt — Talk about a mouth full. I like this shirt because when you’re cheering for your team and lift your arms (like for a touchdown) it says the team name and I just think it looks cool. If the guy you’re shopping for has a favorite team then you have an easy gift idea.

Adidas Originals Santiago Duffel Bag — I love a good quality duffel bag for a gift idea. If he goes to the gym it’s great and it’s also great for travelling. Sure he probably already has one, but it’s great to have an alternative option or to upgrade the one he’s been using.
E-Tape Digital Tape Measure — I got this for someone on my gift list this year. It’s perfect for the guy (or girl) who does household projects.
Carolina Panther’s Wrapped Plastic Flask — Now yes, my team is the Panthers but of course these team specific gifts are for whatever team is his fave. We both love the Panthers but his favorite team since he was a kid is the Miami Dolphins. And I buy him things from both sides but those colors, ugh the worst so I am only sharing the Panther’s products because I love those colors. haha. This flask is a good gift idea, doesn’t mean they have to use it for alcohol but it’s a nice novelty.
Tailgator Beverage Gloves— Another novelty gift idea is perfect for the tailgator. When it’s cold outside but you need to hold your Solo cup…brilliant.
AG Graduate Slim Straight Leg Jeans — Everyone is different but my DH doesn’t like skinny jeans for men. I don’t either. If your man or guy you’re shopping for likes them then I say get them what they like. I like these slim jeans. Not too tight, just right. These are AG and they’re an investment but they’ll last for years to come.
Carolina Panther’s Argyle Crew Socks — I don’t buy DH packs of socks for Christmas but I do like to get him a couple of pairs of socks and put them in his stocking. I really like these socks. I like argyle anyway but in my favorite team too? Yes please!
Men’s Poplin Lounge Pants — Comfy lounge pants are always a great gift idea. It’s nice to have a pair that aren’t too thick and not too thin, just comfortable.

Carolina Panther’s Holiday T-shirt and Pants Sleep Set — Last football related item, again these can be for any sport that your guy is into, is this Pajama set. Whether they wear full on pajamas or not this is great lounge wear for relaxing on the weekend watching the game.
UGG Wyatt Lounge Pants — These are super soft and warm but not too thick so they’re really comfortable. He’d probably not spend much when it comes to something to wear around the house but that’s why it’s great for a gift. I’ll say size up from what size you think he’d need but this is a wonderful gift idea for the guy in your life.
Men’s Texting Touchscreen Napa Leather Gloves — These are similar to the North Face gloves earlier in this post except these are leather. So it comes down to a preference and which you think he’d prefer. I’d get these for my stepdad and the North Face ones for my brother for example.
ThermoPro Wireless Grill Thermometer — This is perfect for the grill master! I didn’t even know something like this existed until my friend said her husband wanted this for Christmas. I think this is great to avoid opening the grill over and over.